PRE Andalusian History


Oleaje Athens Olympics, PRE Andalusian
Since the 1500s, the Pure Spanish Horse or PRE has been bred and developed for classical training. Known in the US as the PRE Andalusian.  The movements of today’s competitive dressage were first developed for this breed in the court stables of Cordoba during the Renaissance. Throughout history the Pure Spanish horse has been celebrated for its agility and temperament, and especially for its aptitude for performing the highest collected movements in Dressage such as Piaffe and Passage.


Modern breeding–within the historic bloodlines of the PRE Andalusian–has produced a well-rounded athlete with the ability now to perform the extended movements with ease, while not compromising the natural ability for collection. Since the first appearance of a PRE Andalusian Horse (Evento) in Olympic competition in 1996, the PRE Andalusian has emerged as the dressage world’s fastest developing sport horse breed. As the mount of the Spanish National Dressage Team, the PRE Andalusian has been victorious against the best teams and horses of Europe and the Americas.

  • 2000 Sydney, Spanish Dressage Team finished 7th – Invasor & Distinguido
  • 2002 Jerez WEG, Spain won the bronze medal with Invasor & Distinguido
  • 2003 Hickstead European Championships, Spain took Silver
  • 2004 Athens Olympics, Spanish Dressage team took Silver with Invsasor ridden by Rafael Soto & Oleaje ridden by Ignacio Rambla
  • 2010 Kentucky USA WEG, Fuego XII, ridden by Juan Manuel Muñoz, placed 5th in the Grand Prix Special with an exceptional 73.975 score