Glen Aryn Farm – PRE Andalusian Breeders

Breeding High Quality PRE Andalusians for Competitive Dressage & Sport

Glen Aryn’s pedigrees are potent, powerful, and impressive



PRE Andalusians Glen Aryn Farm
Athletic. Elegant. Charismatic. Competitive. Our competitive PRE Andalusians and their rich heritage are the passion behind Glen Aryn Farm.  Set in the lush, rolling pastureland of northern Virginia, this small PRE Andalusian breeding farm owned by Cynthia & Craig Roberts specializes in exceptional PRE Andalusians and the PRE Andalusian Thoroughbred cross for competitive Dressage and Sport.



The PRE Andalusians at Glen Aryn have congenial temperaments and impressive pedigrees.  Bred to excel in competitive dressage and Sport, our talented horses are suitable for both Professionals and Amateurs and also make ideal family friendly pleasure horses.


Glen Aryn also breeds an athletic, competitive sport horse, a PRE Andalusian/Thoroughbred cross.  This cross combines the train-ability and adaptability of PRE Andalusians with the stamina of a thoroughbred, this cross produces some of the best do it all horses, from Doma Vaquera, and Western Dressage, to Working Equitation and Competitive Driving.


You are invited to visit and meet its owners, their delightful PRE Andalusians and their offspring.


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